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How many different profiles can we have? Can we have user or device (mac or static IP) dependent whitelists and blacklists? If independent blacklist / whitelists, will it be user-based (enter a password to connect to the internet each time), or mac / static IP dependent? Can the static IP (if done that way) be administered from the router so that the client can’t clear that for themselves? Can we have a profile (specific whitelist / blacklist) dedicated to guests? How about QOS … can that also be assigned to a profile? Lastly, can we make sure the whitelist / blacklist works so that whitelists can punch a hole through a blacklist? My current provider (buctools) has a hard time with that, for like certain blogs, while screening out all other blogs.

I am actually okay with an annual service fee if reasonable, to maintain categories and a community to address concerns, new threats and workarounds as they happen, and I think you’ll find most people are. In fact I prefer that if it insures I’ll get great customer service.

Might I suggest that you do some market analysis to make sure your “no service fee” is as big of a selling point, and that perhaps a different selling feature will be your best bet. Remember skydog was enormously successful despite a service fee. Perhaps your marketing angle would be more successful if pitched the way phones are pitched … free, but you pay for 5 years service upfront. After that you are free to continue using the device with or without the live updates. That’s similar to SkyDog but a longer pay-off time so you can sell the units basically as free. Or maybe 3 years, with a setup fee … anyway you get the gist.

12+ years of self employment in the high-tech arena myself, half in design, half in manufacturing … I’ve made the mistake of giving away the cow with the milk. It is very hard to provide the level of service customers want in the long run when you do that, and to facilitate a lifestyle where you can get someone to do the administrative as you grow the business in other ways, or just reap the rewards of your efforts down the road. You won’t be wanting to resolving customer issues yourself forever, and there is something very satisfying knowing that you’ve created something valuable that will outlive yourself. Hard to do when the internet and it’s challenges changes so rapidly.

Good luck!

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