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I’ve worked so much on the calendars these days, and let’s see how is possible to improve the calendars:

1) Possibility to move tabs. From left to right, and from right to left. Example: I have six calendars, the first tab is called “Hello”, the last one is called “Bye”, i want to have the possibility to move the last tab to the first place and the first tab to the last, aesthetically speaking, like a browser tab.

2) I want to choose a color for the each calendars by myself, and not automatically set. Infact, in my settings, i have 2 devices with the same calendars, but they have different colors, and i can’t change them.

3) To copy calendars from a device to another one, without making them again. If i have 5 devices and i want to do three equal calendary, i don’t want to do the same thing three times. This would a great thing to add.

4) As said above, an Import/Export button.

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