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Thanks for the information. I found the hackpascal github too. Strangely, there is another MT7621 bootloader posted there, but no mention of breed.

BTW I finally got around to attaching a USB to TTL converter to pcWRT. It’s cool to see your work in detail. I am still looking for your update mechanism, SSH management, and how you’ve emplemented the firewall. I may have overlooked some of it though. It’s hard for me to follow JS. I haven’t programmed with it, and as a single string it’s even harder to parse.
I must confess I was a bit disappointed to see 19.07.2, but I think I understand why after reading how openWRT (doesn’t) deals with user installed packages during upgrades, and you’re doing your own thing and providing your own updates regularly.
Out of curiosity, what kinds of changes in openwrt are possible without breaking your overlay? Like, if I wanted to setup more detailed IPtable rules, how would that impact the overlay?