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I’m expecting my pcwrt router on Wednesday. I am trying to replace my old combination modem/wireless router and Skydog router, with a standalone TP-Link modem and the pcwrt router. (We’ve been having a lot of dropped connections lately for one thing, and the skydog’s days are limited for the other).

On the old modem/router, I had to go into the “advanced wan settings” to put in my static ip address, gateway, DNS servers, etc. Most of the instructions I see are for dynamic IP addresses. I already have the modem, but I cannot get it to work with Skydog because there seems to be no place to type in the static IP address on the modem. (While I can type all those things in on my Macbook under the “manual” option on the ethernet setup.) Is that something that I do through the pcwrt router when it arrives? My local ISP seems a little different when it comes to providing a static IP address tied in to my phone line.

(By the way, in my old modem/router’s setting, I have to choose “bridged” mode and then something like “encapsulated bridge” under the advanced WAN settings, and that gives me the spaces to type in the addresses I need. I know just enough about what I’m doing to get in trouble.)