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No problem, I was the one who didn’t press enough to get it out. I want pcwrt again, but not in this condition.

Please, test it with a modem/router specifically made for the europe. Pcwrt has a problem about this. Or check, test the WAN port, i don’t know.

I’ve tried EVERYTHING, i’ve changed all the lan cables, i’ve bought a CAT 7 S/FTP, patch and crossed, i’ve tried all the avaible settings into pcwrt, i’ve bought a power surge protector, and now a new modem/router too, newer.

Everytime that i attach the pcwrt to any modem, i’ve always the same problem, the wan port doesn’t work.
Before, as you know, it barely transmitted the signal, every 2 or 3 minutes internet was down, now it has completely ceased all functions.

My technician said me that the router has not suffered any electrical failure or overvoltage, simply, the wan doesn’t transmit anything anymore.

I think that pcwrt is, REALLY, one of the best router nowday.

Let me know it, i wait for a your reply.

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  • This reply was modified 2 years, 5 months ago by  Casino.