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Ok, I changed the channel width on the 2.4 band, and I can now get 4-5 Gbps on the desktop with adblock, safesearch, and access control enforced. Yay! (I saw a suggestion elsewhere to adjust the bandwidth of the computer’s wireless receiver to 40Mhz, but that was not an option on this particular one). The speeds seem to be better on our other 2.4GHz devices, also.

I did make the 5GHz band separate and put the devices with that capability on it. That seems to also be helping, and I’ve been able to put the controls on.

Also, did you mean there was no Internet at all when you enforce Access Control? (that shouldn’t happen)
It would start to load a page and just go blank……or if using the FCC Internet Speed app, it would Fail all tests (or not be able to run them at all).

Other than the 20 vs 40 MHz thing, I’m not sure why it had such interesting performance the first night…..other than maybe some devices were downloading updates? Or maybe DNS cache was an issue, switching from Google DNS to OpenDNS. Yesterday was better than Friday night (except on our older devices), and now with the changes we seem to be up and running. Thanks for your help.