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Access Logs Show No Traffic

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    So I have my granddaughters school laptop connected / assigned to a profile.
    I check Bandwidth Monitor and see activity for the hostname I gave it.
    Yet when I go to Access Control – View Logs – it does not show up at all. No hostname, no traffic. But the logs show traffic for two iPads we have. What gives?
    Please advise.



    Do you have “Enforce Access Control” checked for the profile? The router does not log Internet activity for profiles with the box unchecked.



    Enforce Access Control is checked along with Safe Search, Block Literal IP, Block VPN,TOR, URL Filter Mode – White List with only in the white list box, 8 calendars for time limits on different groups, DNS Server “CleanBrowsing Family Filter” and YouTube Restricted set to Restricted.



    With “Enforce Access Control” checked, you should see logs. However, with filtering in white list mode with only one domain, the device cannot access any website at all. The domain is mainly used by apps, but practically no app would work because the domains required by the apps are not white listed.

    How much traffic are you seeing in the bandwidth monitor, and to what domains?



    Bandwidth Monitor Stats – 11:00 pm to 1:00 am – Sept 27/28
    Total: (sorry, did not highlight this so did not paste as part of the list)
    Alexis_iPad (3.79 MB) – shows no pie chart when clicked – no profile for this
    Alexis_iPhone (118.54 MB) – shows no pie chart when clicked – no profile for this
    April-LCSD-82Q4WZ2-Schol-Laptop (132.53 MB) – shows,, when clicked
    Red-Whale-iPad_Old (303.90 KB) – shows and others when clicked on
    RedWhaleiPadGo_Wife (325.82 KB) – shows and when clicked on
    wHolt-01 (3.54 MB) – shows no pie chart when clicked on – no profile device for this

    Clicking on the highest bar in April-LCSD-82Q4WZ2-Schol-Laptop bandwidth monitor display – does not present a detailed listing, just 111.32 MB download and 1.16 MB upload – but no pie chart for either (for any bar in that time frame).



    Can you send some screenshots to [email protected]?

    1. The Bandwidth Monitor page
    2. The Access Control logs page, expanding all profiles on the navigation panel
    3. The Access Control page, expand the profile for the concerned devices
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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