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Access Points and VLAN tagging

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    I am looking to increase my networks wifi strength and stability with some hardwired access points. The Engenious APs have a feature called SSID to VLAN tagging and cross band vlan pass through. My understanding is that the APs ‘tag’ traffic with a selected SSID and pass it through to the switch in order to distinguish vlan networks.

    Would this be compatible with the pcwrt and a network with multiple vlans? If so do you have any info/instructions on setting it up?

    EnGenious Specs:

    Thank you!



    While the pcWRT router firmware does support VLAN creation on the router itself, out of the box it does not support incoming tagged VLAN traffic. You need to log in the router shell to edit the switch configuration manually. Doing so will mess up the UI for VLAN assignments on the Network Settings page, but as long as you don’t update network settings from that page again you should be fine.

    More info on manually setting up VLANs is available here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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