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Block only a part of an internet address

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    I’ve found that google translate can be used as a proxy, just type an internet address in its box, and, also if you have blocked that certain site, it’ll be showed.

    Now, i found out this thing.

    When, for example, you translate a word, the internet address appears like that:

    When you translate a whole site, it’s like that:

    Now, i don’t want to block the entire address ( but the part that appear when you translate a site only.

    I’ve added in the black list of the pcwrt this address:


    but this don’t work.

    How can i do? It’s possible to block just a part of an internet address?

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    Blocking a URL path is only possible for unencrypted sites, i.e., the URL that starts with http://…, not https://

    For encrypted sites, the router only sees the domain name, not the path following the domain name. Therefore, it cannot block a sub-section of a domain.

    That said, you can block instead of That’ll block translation of sites while allowing translation of words.



    Thank you so much!

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