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Configuring Linksys Router with PCWRT

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    I would like to setup my new PCWRT router and keep my existing Linksys routers as well. I have an existing Linksys 1900AC router that I would still like to keep connected to my network so I can still extend my wireless coverage in the upper floors of my house via another 1900AC router setup as an access point. Based on the documentation it looks like this might be possible. My first question is do I connect the ethernet cable directly from the modem to the WAN port on the Linksys router and then run a ethernet cable from an open port on the Linksys to the WAN port on the PCWRT? Second question is can I keep broadcasting from my Linksys so that the access point picks up the 5gz signal to extend the wireless coverage? Which router should server as the DHCP server? If there is anything else I am missing please let me know. Thanks!



    The basic requirement for content filtering and time control is, traffic must passthrough the pcWRT router.

    If your Internet speed is 50Mbps or lower, I’d suggest that you connect it this way:

        |- pcWRT 
             |- Linksys 1900AC
                       |- Other 1900AC AP

    1. Connect pcWRT to your modem, turn off wifi.
    2. Connect Linksys by wire to the pcWRT, configure the Linksys as AP, turn on wifi.
    3. Configure the other 1900AC router as AP, connect via wifi to the Linksys.

    DHCP is served by the pcWRT. All Internet traffic in home can be filtered by pcWRT.

    If your Internet speed is 100Mbps or higher, pcWRT’s Ethernet port is not fast enough to get the bandwidth you paid for. I’d suggest that you connect the Linksys to the Internet as a router, configure the other 1900AC router as AP, and connect via wifi to the Linksys. Attach the pcWRT to either the Linksys or the 1900AC AP.

    You’ll have two networks this way, one from the Linksys, another from pcWRT. Both serving DHCP. Have kids connect to the pcWRT wifi. The Linksys network will have no filtering. Another downside is the pcWRT wifi will have no repeater to extend the range.

    A third variation is to attach pcWRT to the Linksys, then have the other 1900AC serve as AP off of the pcWRT wifi (only 2.4Ghz since the pcWRT is single band). I don’t know if you can split the 1900AC to extend 2.4Ghz from pcWRT, 5.0Ghz from the Linksys. There are also two networks in this variation. The Linksys network is not filtered.

    If your Internet speed is between 50Mbps and 100Mbps, you can perhaps try different ways to see which works best. Thanks!



    Ok, so for option #1 how should I connect things?

    I tried connecting the ethernet cable from my modem to the WAN port on the pcWRT. Turning off wireless on the pcWRT, but left the setting DHCP client enabled. I ran an ethernet cable from a LAN port on the pcWRT to an open LAN port on my Linksys 1900AC router. I disabled DHCP on the Linksys, but left wireless on so it broadcast. I didn’t even try to setup the other Linksys rounter as an Access Point, because I couldn’t get internet connectivity with this setup. Any suggestions?



    Try these steps:
    1. Connect pcWRT WAN port to modem, disable WiFi in the Wireless Settings page.
    2. Connect the Linksys 1900AC WAN port to a pcWRT LAN port.

    Follow the steps below to set up the Linksys AC1900 as an access point. In the paragraph below, new router refers to Linksys, old router refers to pcWRT.
    Linksys AP setup

    To test the connection, connect a PC to a LAN port on the Linksys 1900AC. Can you browse the net? If not, check the IP address of the PC: click Start button, Run, type cmd, then click OK. In the command prompt window, type ipconfig then press Enter. Check the IPv4 address. It should be in the 192.168.10.x range.

    If you can successfully connect to the Internet, repeat the same test via WiFi connection to the Linksys AC1900.

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