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Dropped connections

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    Hello, I’m back. I finally got around to setting up the replacement router about 10 days ago. I have not yet set up parental controls. The pcwrt is behind the netgear. We have about 5 devices connected to the pcwrt, but we are having problems with lost connection. In general, it still says that the wifi is connected, but we’ll lose internet during games (such as a Clash of Clans attack) or while streaming from youtube or netflix. I tried plugging the pcwrt directly to the Charter cable modem tonight and unplugging the Netgear router, but then we lost all internet. Maybe there is a setting I need to adjust? Thank you!



    Hmm, this does not normally happen. To help us understand the problem, can you provide some more details?

    1. You only configured the Wifi parameters and Internet, no other configuration was changed from default. Right?
    2. What’s your Internet speed by the ISP?
    3. How often does this happen? Does it happen periodically or at random times?
    4. When you lose Internet connection, is it Wifi only or is wired connections to the router also dropped?
    5. What’s the error if you try to load a web site in the browser?



    Hi. FYI, this problem seems like it may have gone away. I didn’t change anything, but my kids haven’t complained. I still have the pcwrt in line behind the netgear, but actually I’d prefer to move the netgear to another area of the house and have it in line behind the pcwrt. I’ve personally been logged into the netgear, but I’m going to change that for a while here and verify that things are stable. Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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