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    1) Vimeo has an option in their video search preferences for to block “Nudity Videos”. Can you force it as youtube?

    2) On facebook you can find and search every porn video you want, just clicking on “Videos” or “Links”. Is it possibile to do anything for this? Exist a safe search for facebook? And if it doesn’t exist, can you tell me how can i do?



    1) Vimeo provides this option in user settings. However, the sites runs HTTPS only, so there’s no way for the router to intercept and force the option unless we break the HTTPS encryption. But breaking HTTPS encryption weakens your browser’s security. So we are not doing that. YouTube, on the other hand, offers Restricted Mode via DNS. That’s what we are using.

    2) There’s no way to enforce safe search on Facebook, unless Facebook offers a safe search option. Again, the safe search option can be utilized on the router only if they provide a DNS option like Google does.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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