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features of adding calendar disappear

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    WHen yesterday I was adding few profiles first time, I was able to add calendars. But today I found that there all calendars I added disappeared and it doesn’t show me any buttons to “add” calendar which I used to see before.

    PCWRT router is very unstable. Do I need to load latest firmware?



    @yogesh Thanks for contacting us. We can help you resolve all issues you have. Please send email to support: [email protected], with a screenshot of your parental control settings page.



    I just got my router today and have the exact same problem. After creating a new profile and a new calendar for that profile, saving it, and when I came back to the same profile later, it does not show me the calendar that I associated with the profile and I am unable to edit it.

    I have emailed support.



    @fchangus This is a known problem. When parental control is disabled for the default profile, the calendar buttons for other profiles disappear. For now the workaround is to check the enable parental control checkbox for the default profile – you don’t really need to control anything, just check the checkbox. We’ll fix this problem in the next update.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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