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    I can’t seem to find any information on the actual hardware.

    Which 802 protocols are supported? How many antennas does it have? Just the 2 that are visible?

    What’s the throughput on the router? I’ve got GB inside the house (for my wired connections), and don’t want it to slow down those connections. I’ve got Comcast Blast which, in theory is 150MB down.

    How often is new firmware released? Is there a road map for new features?

    Are there any plans to have any sort of usage graphs available? One thing I like about my current Skydog is the graph showing me who’s using how much bandwidth. It’d be nice to see what the bandwidth is used for, but…that’s pure bonus 😉

    Have there been any issues with using a VPN from a computer behind the pcWRT?

    Can you have multiple LANs? If so, is there any way to put a limit on the max bandwidth used by any of the separate LANs?

    Is there any way to easily override the current settings? E.g., it sometimes happens that a kid needs an extra 30 minutes to finish up a homework assignment. With Skydog, it’s really easy to just add a one-time override.

    Looking at the picture on Amazon, there’s a USB port. What can it be used for?





    @jgindin Great questions. I’m glad you asked.

    The router supports 802.11 b/g/n, it has two antennas. Wifi speed is rated at 300Mbps, realistically however, due to interference etc., the speed maxes @144Mbps.

    It has 4 LAN, 1 WAN Ethernet ports rated at 100Mbps. So it won’t do justice to your 150Mbps Internet service or GB LAN, unless you want to use it to set up a secondary network for kids only. However, I want to let you know that we are working on a Gigabit 802.11ac router, and will bring it to market soon.

    As for product plans, the current focus is to make the content filtering and time management functions solid. Some usability enhancements will come after that. There is an important enhancement to content filtering planned but we don’t want to announce it prematurely at this moment. After that, we can have the nice-to-haves, such as bandwidth consumption graph etc. The bottom line is, we’ll make the basic functions of this product available free of a subscription fee. Future firmware updates will be made available to our users free of charge, as long as we still support the hardware model.

    Our current tests show that VPN connections from behind pcWRT to a server out on the Internet work without problems. In case you do run into issues with VPN log in, as each VPN product is different, we’ll resolve them as they come up.

    Right now, there’s no temporary overriding for time. You need to change it in the Calendar, then change it back afterwards. The function may be added in future enhancements.

    The USB port is not currently used. We’d like to know what you might want to use it for?



    Is there a timeline for the Gigabit version of the router? An estimated price?

    What about the multiple LANs? (Sorry, I know I asked a lot of questions, and it’s easy to miss some 😉

    Also, what about remote access? Can the interface be configured to be accessed from somewhere “out on the internet” in a secure fashion? Maybe the router has (or could have) a VPN for incoming connections?

    As for the USB port, I’ve thought before of setting up shared drive or perhaps as an easy way to make my printer available to chromebooks (since my printer is not Google print compatible).

    Thanks for the quick answers!




    We’ll try to make the Gigabit version available by the end of the year, give some buffer for the unexpected. We’ll have a better idea of a more realistic date once the testing starts. The price is not finalized, but will be competitive with similar products.

    The current product supports one LAN. Multiple LAN config may be added in the future, currently it’s in the ‘nice-to-have’ bucket.

    Remote access will be added, via cloud or VPN, or both.

    Thanks for the suggestion about the USB port!



    If you’re looking for testers, I’d be glad to try it out. I’ve got 4 kids of varying ages with different schedules; I’m currently using Skydog, and looking for something that is newer, faster and (gasp!) supported. I’m work at home at least once a week, and often have some large downloads / uploads both wired and wireless.


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