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    I just received my new router. It is the pcWRT Newifi-D2. I am having difficulty
    wrapping my brain around VLANs. I currently have one unmanaged switch that everything
    on my network is plugged into, on one network. Can I setup different networks
    on the router but still use the unmanaged switch without tagging the VLANs? Do you need
    to have a managed switch to use this router? I am assuming the IP traffic will still go
    through the correct port on the router if it is on its own network. If not, do I need to
    have a separate unmanaged switch for each network? I do not care about local security, at
    least for now. My main goal is to have a couple of devices go through a VPN. I would have
    these on their own network.




    Under normal circumstances you don’t need to check the “Tagged” checkbox. So let’s assume the Ethernet ports are not tagged.

    If you’ve assigned port 1 to X1 and connected your switch to port 1, then all devices connected to the switch will be on the X1 VLAN as the router sees it. Let’s further assume that you’ve configured that X1 should be tunneled through a VPN, then all devices connected to the switch will be tunneled through the VPN.

    If you’ve left other Ethernet ports on LAN, then devices connected to these ports on the router will be on LAN, and will not be going through the VPN (if LAN is not configured to go through VPN).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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