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    I have found that pcwrt doesn’t block mIRC. This is bad because mIRC is a really bad place, really, really BAD.

    There you can find ANYTHING. mIRC today is used for to download everything you want, videos, music and etc…. also with program like xdcc Downloader, xdcc eMule, it’s one of the best file sharing program that exist and pcwrt doesn’t block it, i’ve tested it.

    Into mIRC you can chat with really bad people, people that sell guns, drugs and child-pornography too, it’s a “deep-web” program.

    pcwrt can block TOR, Proxy and literal ip addresses, and this block every file sharing program like emule, torrent etc… but not mIRC. Please add mIRC to the list.



    You may try blocking the ports used by mIRC. Enter the following in the Black List:



    Yes, mIRC now is blocked. Read here:

    As you done with VPN, Proxy and Tor, can you create a specif block for IRC too?



    No one reply about this?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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