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Network Settings Page Enhancements

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    In Network Settings, I think it would be nice to have:
    1) The ability to sort by IP Address (or even Hostname) in the Hostnames and Static Leases listing.
    2) The ability to move the “Add Host Name” pop-up box so the IP Addresses list can be seen while a new host name is being added.


    1) The listed should be sorted by Hostname already. Is your listed not sorted?

    2) Is the purpose to avoid IP address conflict when you add a new device? If so, we can perhaps add an immediate alert to the dialog when there is a conflict.


    1) Yes, my listing is already sorted by Hostname
    2) In my setup, I like to place those I allow on my network into a certain block of static IP addresses outside the DHCP block. So I may have DHCP give me 100 to 120 while the static IPs are 200 to 235 or so. I also have an Apache server running on my main development computer with a static IP of 240 (does not get to the web). I know I can go to any computer / device in my network and type in and that device can access the Apache server content. Now instead of hostnames, I look at my IP listing, then to the Host for that IP and I can grant / modify their access as needed. This is just what I have gotten used to given the diversity of devices that come and go on my network (different laptops, iPhones, iPads, etc). So sorting by IP, for me, would just be nice – not a necessity and I thought since it is just some JavaScript, we should be able to click on the list title and have the list sorted by that entry, maybe even toggling between sorted Ascending or Descending, like I have seen at other web sites. Like I say, not a necessity – just would be nice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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