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    I bought the router from Amazon. When it was powered on, I noticed the sys LED is always red. Nevertheless, I can connect to the router wireless, but when I tried in my browser , the error message is “This webpage is not available”. I then tried 192r.168.10.1, got the same result. I even connected a PC using Ethernet cable to the router, I can surf internet but still can not access the login page. I can not change the router name, set password, not even mentioning parental control, which was the reason I bought the router for.

    Please help.



    Try this: while the router is powered on, use a pen or pin to press the reset button (the little black button next to the power supply). Hold for about 10 seconds then release. Wait for a few seconds, all lights should blink once and the router will reboot.

    Wait for the router to power up again (both SYS and WLAN should light up), then connect to the router (either wired or wireless). Try to load in your browser.



    I tried the suggestion a few times. Each time it did not resolve my problem. Each time the symptom is different. One time, after reboot, there is only WAN and an Ethernet port light, system LED is off. The other time, the system LED is fast linking. I noticed when the sys LED is fast blinking, I can access internet. But I still can not access the page. There is a label at the bottom of the box says the page should be at I tried both and they all failed.

    One strange thing I noticed when I first powered it up after I received the router, the sys light was red and solid on, I could not access internet with the WAN (blue) port connected to the modem using a cable. I have to move the cable to a yellow port to b able to access internet. I hope the information is useful for you to figure out the problem.



    Ed, thanks for your patience. Let’s try this one more time.

    1. Disconnect all cables (LAN, WAN, power cord) to the router.
    2. Connect the power cable only and wait for the router to power up. I expect the SYS LED to be solid on. WLAN should be on too (if not, don’t worry about it for now).
    3. Keep the router powered on, press the Reset button and hold for 10 seconds. Then let go.
    4. Wait for a few seconds, all LEDs should blink once (this is important, do you see it?). The router will reboot after that.
    5. Wait for the router to power up, SYS and WLAN should be on.

    If at step 5, SYS or WLAN is not on, the router is defective. We’ll send you a replacement.



    Thanks for the help. Now I can log in. I have a new issue.

    I want to provide all day access to my son’s school iPad. I use the future ” add new profile”, then add a device. The strange thing is it finds NO device. I know a few devices are concerned including the one I am typing. The sys LED is solid on and is Red.



    Click the Status button on the top right corner. You should see a list of connected devices. Are the hostnames displayed in gray? Click on each gray hostname, change the name in the popup if you want, then click Save. The color for hostname should change to blue and you can select that device in parental control.

    BTW, if you want to grant all day access, there’s no need to create a calendar.



    I have this same problem. However, when I did the steps in reply #459 the leds never flashed and the WAN light was the only light to come back on.
    Prior to doing these steps the sys light was always solid red.
    Any other ideas for me to try?



    @momofthreepcwrt OK,let’s take this step-by-step.

    1. Disconnect all cables (LAN, WAN, power cord). Router should be off. Keep it off for at least 30 seconds.

    2. Connect ONLY the power cable. Wait for about 2 minutes. Which lights are on? Solid or blinking? I’m expecting that SYS should be on (solid). WAN should not be on since no cable is connected.

    3. Use a pin or pen tip, press and hold the WPS/Reset button for 10 seconds, then release.

    4. Wait for about 20 seconds. Did the all LEDs flash once at the same time? Is the router rebooting?

    P.S. in steps 2-4 above, do not disconnect the power cable.



    After step 2: SYS light is on (solid red) and WLAN light is on (solid green)

    After step 3 and 4: All LEDs flashed at one time then all lights (including SYS) went out for about 1 minute. Eventually SYS light came back on solid red and WLAN light came back on solid green.



    Great! Now you can try connect the cables and follow the steps in the user’s guide to configure the router. You should be able to see the initial setup pages at in a browser.



    I tried to reboot the router with the above instructions.

    I got to the the pages that allowed me to enter password, but could not complete the task.
    Now when I reboot the router and try again I get the following messages.

    typing in http://pcwrt/ defaults to a century link – pcwrt cgi bin pcwrt

    typing in defaults to a

    This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.



    @pachecot Is your PC connected to the pcWRT router? To be sure, you can connect by an Ethernet cable and try the router URLs again.

    If you still have trouble, check the IP address on your PC. It should be something like 192.168.10.x. The easiest way to get the IP address of the PC is: click Start button, then enter “cmd” (without quotes) in the “Search programs and files” box. Then in the command window, enter “ipconfig”. Look at the IPv4 address.

    And, if you reset the router by following the steps in this topic, you should get the Initial setup page, not the login page.



    If you do not know your fixed password you can get information from such sites. He made me do a lot of research in time.

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