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Non-wireless PC setup

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    Is this device able to see NON-wifi devices connected to the network? I have cat5 throughout the house and PCs hooked up in each room. When I connect the PCs to the network, I am unable to see them in the device list.

    Is it possible to define them? Can I use static IPs on the PCs to be able to do this? Or can it only track wireless devices?

    I assume that, if it is NOT able to define PCs on cat5, I assume it still works to block sites that are not OK?

    Thank you!!



    The router identifies devices by their MAC addresses, so it doesn’t matter whether you are connecting via WiFi or wireless. Currently, for wired devices, the router sends a ping to the device to detect connectivity. If a connected device blocks ping (such as by Windows firewall), then the router erroneously omits the device in the connected devices list. The detection will be improved to use ARP instead of ping in the future.

    In the meanwhile, you may want to add the devices manually. You can add a static lease in the Network page. Click the Add button to add a static lease. If the device is connected, you might be able to find the device in the popup dialog dropdown list. You can find the IP address of a device by opening a browser on the device and enter If you can’t find the device in the dropdown, then you need to find the MAC address manually also. Let us know if you need help with that.

    Every device is controlled by a profile. Unidentified devices and devices not specifically assigned to a profile are controlled by the Default profile. Devices that can connect via both wire and WiFi need to be identified both ways.

    P.S. clicking the refresh icon to the right of the “Connected Devices” label might bring up new devices not seen when the Status page loads initially.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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