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Overrading sites!

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    Look this site:

    With this site i can see ALL Twitter that i want! It’s incredibile! And i have blocked twitter site.

    If you know a twitter profile, for example “vascorossi”, just write:

    and you can see all twitter if you want!

    I’m very confused right now. How many sites exist like that? What’s the nature of these sites?

    It’s useless block twitter or any other sistes if exist sites like that.



    @casino Someone decided to proxy Twitter contents on that URL. Maybe the site owner put the proxy there for their own convenience, maybe some hacker hacked the site and set up a proxy there.

    The only way to block proxies like this is to block the domain. OpenDNS should have blocked most of the proxies. When you see one that’s not blocked, put it in the “Blocked URLs” box in Access Control, and make a suggestion on to categorize it as proxy/anonymizer.

    If you are worried about the images on Twitter, you can block It’s a Twitter domain.

    How did you find the site?



    I found it searching in google normally. I’ve just written a twitter profile name and it’s apparead.

    Are you sure this is a proxy site? Proxy site looks much different from this……



    @casino This is not a normal proxy site. It’s main purpose is not to act as a proxy to other sites. It only acted as a proxy to twitter for that one URL. So it’s more likely someone set it up for the sake of convenience. Such as, access Twitter from China, where Twitter is blocked.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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