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Parental control: minimum configuration

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    By default, parental control is disabled:
    Parental Control Disabled

    To enable parental control:

    1. Click the Enable button
    2. Leave “Safe Search”, “Block literal IP addresses”, “Block proxy, VPN, TOR” checked
    3. Select OpenDNS Family Shield or OpenDNS Home from the DNS Servers dropdown.
    4. Click the Save button.

    Enable Parental Control


    1. Web contents filtered through OpenDNS.
    2. Safe search enabled.
    3. DNS bypassing techniques blocked.
    4. Proxies, VPN and TOR bypassing blocked.
    5. All devices in your wifi network follow the same policy.

    Once you are familiar with the minimum configuration, you can create additional profiles for more more flexible controls.

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    Hi! I’ve just bought your Toronto-N router. However, there is no Parental control settings. Please assist me.



    Nevermind. Once I connect the WAN, the Access-Control (not Parental control) settings appears in the Apps.

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