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pcwrt behind another router

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    I have a Netgear router attached to my cable modem. Its LAN is .8.1. My PCWRT router (that the kids use) is attached to a LAN port (.8.4) of the Netgear router. The PCWRT router network is .10.1. I find that devices on the PCWRT router can see devices on the Netgear router, but not vice-versa. Is there any way to configure either the Netgear router or the PCWRT router to allow the devices on the Netgear router to ‘see’ devices on the PCWRT subnet?

    I see that I could use a port forward to allow access through the PCWRT firewall to a specific service or device/port on the inside of the PCWRT network. That’s not really what I’m after …

    Since the PCWRT router is already behind a firewall, I’d like to somehow make the PCWRT a bridged device, or at least allow devices attached to each router to talk with one another.




    For Access Control to work, the pcWRT router only works in router mode. You may try to reverse the connection, i.e., put the pcWRT in front of the NETGEAR and put the NETGEAR in bridge mode. But if you want to bypass Access Control for devices connected to the NETGEAR, you’ll need to list each individual device in a separate profile (not just the NETGEAR).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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