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pcWRT firmware v1.20 for TORONTO-N is available for download

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    We finally made it – v1.20 for TORONTO-N is now available for download. Although it took longer than we expected. The main feature included in this update is the addition of automated firmware update. Once you install this version, you no longer need to come back here to check for new updates. You can enter your email in the System Settings page Flash New Firmware section and we’ll notify you by email when a new version is available. You can then install the new version by clicking the “Check for Updates” button.

    Changes included in this release:

    1. Email notification of new firmware and automated firmware update.
    2. Added functions to recognize devices connected through a repeater.
    3. Fix error message for Dynamic DNS log in failure when special characters are used.
    4. Fix bug where Calendar buttons disappear when parental control is disabled for the default profile.
    5. Bug fix for router login with an empty space.
    6. Various minor improvements.

    Click this link to download v1.20: pcWRT v1.20 for TORONTO-N
    MD5 Checksum: efc0523dd85845ef430d34b643f5dc08

    Please follow these steps to upgrade (if you have firmware version earlier than v1.20):

    1. Save the above firmware file to your hard drive.
    2. Login router console (http://pcwrt/ or, click System
    3. Save a copy of your current configuration. Click the Backup button in the Backup/Restore Settings section. You’ll be prompted to save a file named like backup-pcwrt-2016-03-22.tar.gz. Save it to your hard drive. In case something goes wrong, you’ll need to restore the configuration and try again.
    4. In Flash New Firmware section, click Browse to upload firmware. When prompted, select the firmware file you downloaded in step 1.
    5. Copy and paste the MD5 checksum above into the MD5 Checksum box.
    6. Click Flash (keep Keep Settings checked. It is the default, don’t uncheck!)
    7. Wait for router reboot. Then wait for about 2 minutes after the WLAN light go green.
    8. Log in the router console. Check your parental control settings.
    9. If everything looks good, save a new copy of your configuration, discard the previous one (or ones before that if you have)

    If something goes wrong (for example, parental control configuration messed up etc.), you’ll need to restore your settings and try the above steps again.

    Here’s how to restore your settings:

    1. Login router console (http://pcwrt/ or, click System
    2. In the Backup/Restore Settings section, click Restore Backup.
    3. When prompted, select the configuration backup file you saved in step 3 in the previous paragraph. Then click Restore.
    4. Wait for router reboot.

    Final note: you’ll probably need to clear your browser cache after the upgrade.

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    Great, I appreciate the update.


    Thanks for the update. When I did ours, it did forget the Key to our wireless. Restoring the backup did not help this, and in fact the back up didn’t have the wireless section at all!! Fortunately, I had backed it up again after the update (before I knew there was a problem) and restoring that brought the Wireless settings back so I could just put our key in again, and all is well.

    I greatly appreciate the router, thanks for your continuing work on it.


    @thepaintedtiger Glad to hear that everything worked out in the end, and thanks for the feedback. What was your firmware version before the upgrade?


    Whatever was on it, we purchased it in November.

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