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pcWRT firmware v1.21.2 for TORONTO-N Release Notes

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    The changes for this release are:

    1. Increased WiFi power and range.
    2. Bug fix for time control (e.g., Steam can be played in blocked time range).
    3. Bug fix: status page failing to show connected devices in certain scenarios.
    4. Changed guest network connection type. If you have an existing guest network, you need to recreate it after this update: go to the Wireless Settings page, remove the guest network, Save. Re-create the guest network, Save again.

    To update to this version, click the “Check for Updates” button in the System settings page.



    The last update (V1.21.2) seems to have broken XBoxOne access when parental control is enabled. Is that possible? All my efforts to get the XBoxOne (XBox Live) working have thus far failed. It used to work with V1.21.1. The Block VPN.TOR, etc and Block literal IP addresses are unchecked. Anyone else having trouble with Xbox Live since the update?




    @richardgv Thanks for your feedback! We’ll check this out.



    I have the same issue after the firmware update. I can only get my XBOX 360 unit connected by disabling Parental Controls for that profile.



    Guys, thanks for the feedback! Xbox is broken for now. We’ll fix this and create a new update in the next few days. Sorry, there’s no “rollback” function right now. Maybe we should add that.



    Version 1.21.3 is now available. Please upgrade and see if the problems are fixed. Thanks!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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