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pcWRT firmware v1.21 for TORONTO-N Release Notes

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    In this release, we added two functions our customers asked for and fixed some minor issues. This is the change list:

    1. Add option to create a guest network in the Wireless Settings page.
    2. Add ability to “Pause the Internet” with a single click: clicking on the Pause button at the top right corner of the router management page will pause the Internet for 30 minutes. Each additional click will add 30 minutes more. Double clicking the button will pause the Internet indefinitely. You can resume the Internet right away by clicking the Resume button.
    3. Fix bug where Safe Search remains intact when parental control is disabled at the router level.
    4. In Parental Control settings, remind user to name devices when no device is available to add to a profile.

    To update to this version, click the “Check for Updates” button in the System settings page.

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