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pcWRT firmware v1.25.2 Release Notes

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    Changes included in this update:

    • Added VLAN support. The VLAN function allows you to assign one or more LAN ports to the guest network. It also gives you the option to selectively turn on UPnP for the LAN network or the guest network.
    • Added option to remember password on the login page.
    • Added option to block KRACK attack for unpatched clients. Please note that the router itself is not affected by the KRACK attack. When this option is turned on, the router stops retransmission of the key resintallation message, therefore, helps unpatched clients to avoid the KRACK attack.
    • Fixed bug in parental control page where calendar icons are hidden when parental control is not enabled for the Default profile.
    • Fixed a bug where a locally hosted web server (i.e., a server hosted on your home network) is not accessible by the domain name from the local network.
    • Added security feature to block DNS rebind attacks.

    To upgrade to this version, click the “Check for Updates” button in the System Settings page. After successful upgrade, create a new router settings backup file from the System Settings page and save it in a safe place.

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