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pcWRT firmware v2.3.1 Release Notes

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    Changes included in this update (v2.3.1):

    • Make “Block proxy” a separate entry in Access Control. This option is added so that Access Control will work with school devices that come with controls based on a preconfigured proxy server.
    • Add domain names for the ad block control page. Instead of using a link on the login page (or a bookmark), you can now access the ad bock control page with domain names adb.lan, adblock.lan or

    Upgrade steps:

    1. Have your configuration backup ready. Create a backup of your current configuration file, if you don’t have one.
    2. Click the “Check for Updates” button in the System Settings page. Follow the instructions to upgrade.
    3. After successful upgrade, create a new router settings backup file from the System Settings page and save it in a safe place.

    Apart from schools, the separate “Block Proxy”, what can it do for a single person? What are its possibilities of use?


    @casino For normal use, you need to enable both “Enforce Access Control” and “Block proxy”. After you upgrade, “Block proxy” is checked by default on profiles with “Enforce Access Control” enabled.

    The purpose for separating it out is to allow the user to optionally disable it when needed. Such is the case for some school devices, which comes with parental controls enforced by a mandatory proxy. In this case, we trust that the school proxy is doing its job, hence allow it on the router.


    As I was performing this update, I noticed a message that I might need to disconnect the router from my computer and then reconnect it. Both times I have updated the router since I bought it, I have performed the update using a WiFi connection. Everything has gone fine. (I backed it up first.) Is that OK, or is it better to use an Ethernet connection?


    @labrador It is OK to upgrade over WiFi. WiFi will be disconnected during upgrade and reconnected after the router reboots. If you use an Ethernet connection, sometimes you’ll need to unplug the Ethernet wire and reconnect it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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