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pcWRT firmware v2.6.2 Release Notes

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    Changes included in this update (v.2.6.2):

    • Bugfix: VLAN assignment incorrectly displayed for CF-XR10 and PW-AX1800
    • Bugfix: WiFi and LAN LEDs for CF-XR10 and PW-AX1800
    • Bugfix: ad block white listing overridde
    • Bugfix: ad block control over HTTPS
    • Bugfix: WhatsApp messaging and WiFi calling was blocked by enforced Access Control
    • Remove CleanBrowsing API integration
    • Improvements for Initial Setup
    • Enhancement: OpenVPN server startup on boot up
    • Enhancement: block Apple Private Relay when Access Control is enforced
    • Enhancement: allow split port forwarding rules for WAN and VPN connections
    • Enhancement: set wireless isolate when device isolation is set for a VLAN
    • Enhancement: allow restoration of configurations across different hardware models

    Upgrade steps:

    1. Have your configuration backup ready. Create a backup file for your current configuration, if you don’t have one.
    2. Click the “Check for Updates” button in the System Settings page. Follow the instructions to upgrade.
    3. After successful upgrade, create a new router settings backup file from the System Settings page and save it in a safe place.

    Update: There was a bug that prevented the WiFi transmission power from being updated for models CF-XR10 and PW-AX1800. This was fixed in v2.6.3. So when you upgrade a CF-XR10 or PW-AX1800 router you’ll get v2.6.3.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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