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Ping returns the wrong IP address of local device

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    I have a device on my home network with a static IP address of If I plug my computer into one of the LAN ports and the device into another LAN port, both on the pcWRT, and then try to ping it does not find the device and it says its pinging a different IP address (Reply from Destination host unreachable). The same thing happens when the computer and device are using the pcWRT Wi-Fi.

    If I type into the address bar of my web browser it opens the pcWRT web page.

    If I plug my pc and the device into the LAN ports on my 2-Wire router or use the 2-wire router Wi-Fi then I am able to ping the device.

    The pcWRT has the default settings it was shipped with (parental controls disabled).

    The device works when plugged into the 2-Wire router but does not work when plugged into the pcWRT. The device is a dataprobe iPIO-8



    The pcWRT LAN IP address defaults to So if you connect a device with IP address to it, they cannot communicate.

    I assume that your 2-Wire router uses the address range. If that’s the case, the pcWRT router cannot use that address range. The default address range works. But that means if you connect your device and computer to pcWRT with static IP addresses, you have to assign IP addresses from the range – The upper limit of 99 prevents IP address conflicts with IP addresses assigned by the router’s DHCP server (i.e., automatically assigned IP addresses).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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