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Proxy/VPN/TOR blocking issues

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    Just started using the router today and ran into some weird issues. While I know my son had loaded Hamachi (a well known games VPN service – which I’m okay with him using), I also found out he was using Better VPN to bypass a lot of restrictions I had previously been trying to block with my SkyDog router.
    Unfortunately it now seems that a LOT of things were not working with that setting. To the point of my clean profile on his PC not even being able to update his Windows patches, Anti-virus updates, nor being able to search ANYTHING on I forgot the actual error but it was saying something about returned information was not what was expected.. Have I not been able to find some kind of VPN software that’s still installed on his PC or is there something else going on with the blocking of Proxy/VPN/TOR setting on the router?
    I’d love to troubleshoot this some more by looking at log files or anything like that (I’m an IT professional so like to understand what’s going on). If someone could share some thoughts, I’d be quite grateful.




    The “Proxy/VPN/TOR” settings has some pretty complex logic to detect various bypassing techniques. It should not block Windows updates, Google search etc. As of now, there’s no logging about what’s blocked and why. But that’s being added, and we hope will be able to release this soon.

    To test whether another VPN is being used, you can view the IP address reported by a browser and compare that to the router’s public IP address (you can search “IP address” on Google, for example). Another test you could do is to put your own device under the same profile and see if there’s any difference in behavior.



    Looking forward to having that feature implemented. At this time it seems that Discort is not working on his PC nor iPad when I turn this setting on.
    Willing to help troubleshoot if needed..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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