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Realtec USB Network adapter is not showing up

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    My son recently, through his grandmother, bought a desktop computer for editing video, and he is using a Realtec usb wireless network adaptor to connect to the router. He is able to connect to the network, but his adapter is not showing up in the list of connected devices, so I have no way of managing it. I tried entering it as a new host, (without really knowing what a host is), by entering the name, IP address and MAC address from his computer, but it still did not appear as a connected device. How do I force his computer to appear in the list?



    @paul Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention. Can you tell us the specific model of the Realtec USB wireless adapter so that we can do more research on this?

    Even when the Status page fail to show a connected device, the filtering associated with a profile might still be effective, as long as the MAC address of the device is correctly identified. Can you check and see if the device is controlled by the profile it’s assigned to? You may add black list URLs or vary the time limits and see if there’s any effect on the computer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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