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    I’m happy when you can read thing like that:

    “UPDATE 03.18.2020: Although it has been two years since I tested the pcWRT router, it seems like the manufacturer has been continuously supporting its devices and it recently released a significant firmware update to include one of the most comprehensive support for the VPN technology. This way you can choose between using OpenVPN, StrongSWAN (IKEv2) or WireGuard, each having its advantages depending on the type of network that you’re running.”

    Good work pcwrt staff! You’re great!

    pcWRT Dual-Band Parental Control Router Review (Revisited)


    From the “cons”:

    “The USB Port Is Not Enabled” I can’t understand this… any problem with the usb port?


    No problem with the port. Simply we didn’t build the software to control the USB port.

    The USB port is usually used to connect a storage device or a printer. We don’t see a strong demand to use the router’s USB port to do these things.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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