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Router Initial Setup

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    1. Power up the router.
    2. Use your computer, tablet or smartphone, connect to the router by Ethernet wire or by WiFi to the SSID “pcwrt”. Initially, no WiFi password is needed to connect.

      It is preferred that you connect by Ethernet wire.

      If you connect by WiFi, you may lose WiFi connection after the last step because the router has to restart WiFi. If you lose WiFi connection and the page hangs after the last step, please check your WiFi connection and reconnect with the new WiFi password you set.

    3. Open a browser and enter http://pcwrt/ (or in the address bar. If you’re using “Private DNS” (aka DoH or DoT) on your device, then you have to use the IP address instead of the domain name.
    4. Enter and confirm your new password for the router, then click Next.
      First step
    5. Pick your time zone. It’ll be a huge list. Check the second radio button to limit the list to timezones compatible with your browser. Click Next.
      Second step
    6. Enter a new SSID if you wish. Select encryption the algorithm for your WiFi, then set the WiFi password. Normally, you should choose CCMP (AES) for Cipher. TKIP is offered as an option for backwards compatibility with really old devices. You can click the “glass” icon to see the WiFi password in clear text.
      Third step
    7. Enter your email address if you want to receive email when new firmware updates become available. Otherwise, you can leave it empty. Click Finish.
      Fourth step
    8. Your wifi router is successfully set up.
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    Updated screenshots to match new firmware version.


    Good information here but …
    1) My old router was disconnected and I don’t have a smart phone or wifi so i could not access the info supplied above. At a bare minimum the first four lines should be printed on that sheet given with the router.
    2) The router I bought is a pcWRT CF-WR619AC and the info supplied on the sticker stuck to the bottom is wrong. Instead of it said like my old router and that number didn’t show anything in my browser. And my browser kept connecting to your website when I tried the pcwrt one.

    The good news is that once I was able to check these forums I was quickly able to set up the router and eventually got my internet back.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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