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    1. Make sure you are connected to the pcwrt wifi network (or connected by Ethernet wire to the router).
    2. If your browser or device is NOT using Private DNS or Secure DNS (i.e., DNS over HTTPS or DNS over TLS), then you may use the router host name to log in. Open a web browser, enter “http://pcwrt/” into the address bar (notice the trailing / at the end. Without it, your browser might auto-complete the URL as, which is not what you want).
    3. If your browser/device is using Private (Secure) DNS, or the above doesn’t work, then use the router IP address to login:
    4. Enter your password, then press “Sign in”.
    5. You’ll see the “Status” page after successful login.

    Additional Note: Both HTTP and HTTPS ports are open. You may also choose the secure HTTPS protocol to access the router. Enter https://pcwrt/ or into the browser if you want to use HTTPS. You’ll get a certificate warning the first time, because the TLS certificate is self-signed.

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    I have been working on getting my new router set up for a few hours. I spent hours on it yesterday and then again today. I’m pretty frustrated. I finally got to the page (pictured above) where I need to enter my password. I thought I created a password yesterday, but the password I created isn’t working. Now what?


    When you did the initial setup, you should have created two passwords: one for connecting to the WiFi, one for logging into the management console. Please make sure that you are using the password for logging in the console.

    If you are using the right password but still cannot login, you can reset the router:

    1. With the router fully powered on, use a pin or pen tip to press down the reset button (next to the power connector). Hold it for 10 seconds then let go.

    2. Wait for a few seconds, all LED lights will flash once and the router will reboot.

    3. After the router is fully powered on, connect to it and do the initial setup again.

    Do not disconnect power during the above process.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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