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    Currently having several issues with settings not saving as well as a weird glitch with SSIDs.

    Firstly, when turning off and unchecking DDNS and SSH in the system settings they will not save and propagate. Upon reloading the settings page they are re-enabled.

    RE the SSID’s I have several different Wifi Vlans, there seems to be an issue with my Guest and X3 network on 5ghz where they are duplicating or settings are being intermixed. They are named separately and have different settings however its seems being broadcast not according to the settings.
    -Under the status page it shows the two networks with the same SSID (x3’s SSID twice)
    -When using VPN selected for x3 it is active for the guest network as well
    -x3 has its SSID broadcast disabled in the settings yet is still being broadcast
    -guest SSID is not being broadcast as it is named in the settings

    I’ve attempted settings changes along with reboots multiple times as well as a settings backup, router restore to factory, and settings restore. Issues are still occurring.

    Please advise!



    For System Settings, the sections are separate. You need to click the Save button under the section, not the one at the bottom of the page.

    We can’t reproduce your problems with WiFi. Can you send a copy of your settings archive to [email protected]?



    Will send over now. I was able to fix the issue by naming the faulty SSIDs the same name on the same band (both X1) restarting and then changing them again individually.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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