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    Good Day,

    With our SkyDog subscription quickly coming to an end I’m looking for a replacement. One of the features I love about SkyDog is that it allows throttling of the bandwidth to preferred groups over others. I searched “throttling” and came up with nothing. Is this a feature included in your product? If not will you be adding this feature anytime in the foreseeable future? Also anything I might want to know about your service vs. the SkyDog service?



    Currently our product does not do throttling. However, we do add features upon user requests. Throttling isn’t in the time table since you are the first one asking about it.

    Please check out this blog post for a side-by-side comparison with Skydog:



    Hello. I was looking for bandwidth allocation or throttling as well. We have the new updated router but I am sensing some skipping at this point and would like to keep my son under control because at times he’s using three devices at once! I don’t necessarily want to prevent him from doing this but would like to allocate his bandwidth. Thanks!



    @abe Thanks for bringing this up. This function is not there yet, but we’ll find out what we can do in this regard.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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