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    In the process of setting up my pcWRT Newifi-D2 v2.4.5 router, there are times I would log in, review the Status page, press the “Apps” link, and for a brief period of time (perhaps 2 seconds or less) see a dialog pop-up box saying “Oops” with the message “Unknown Error”. It doesn’t happen all the time and once I have logged in, does not seem to happen until I have been logged out for a period of time. I have also SSH’ed into the command line and run “logread” but do not see any error reported in the output. It may well be I had profile(s) that had no device assigned or something goofed up with a calendar but I wanted to report it as a FYI. I know it’s generated by some of your JavaScript but I don’t have a good idea why. Happy hunting!


    I have the same thing.


    That’s a harmless message (though it might be scary). There’s a background thread fetching the connection status for the “Connected Devices” list. It was interrupted then you navigate to another page while the job was still running. Will fix this in the next update.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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