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User experience with WRT1900ACS?

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    I just purchased a WRT1900ACS and will be installing pcWRT. I am interested in user experiences in using pcWRT on this router. Has it been stable? Any issues I should anticipate? Do all the standard pcWRT features work?


    It should be pretty stable. You’ll have the LITE version of pcWRT after you install the firmware. You can upgrade to the full version by buying a one-time license from our store.


    You can’t use the WRT1900ACS for gaming, the latency is upto 70-80 ms extra compared to a regular router when you’re on 5G. This is a general problem for the WRT1900ACS. However, if you are planning on using it for personal use, or as a powerful VPN router for Wireguard or IKEv2 then it will most likely suit your needs.
    I own both a WRT1900ACS and Newifi-D2


    And 5G can sometimes disconnect at wRt1900ACS. Again, as long as you are not planning on gaming. Otherwise if you got the money for a Newifi-D2, it’s a much more stable router in general If you are buying a usd one make sure the its the version 1.2 because you might need to do the EEPROM fix.

    Altough it may not crunch the numbers as fast as the WRT1900ACS for VPN. It’s more stable all-round.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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