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VPN Split tunnelling not working

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    Hi, hoping someone can help. I have a wireguard VPN client setup and it’s working well. However, I need to split tunnel to prevent a TV going through the VPN. I have selected ‘tunnel all traffic through the VPN except the domains/IP ranges listed below’ and have inserted the relevant IP range for the TV in the box. I then save and restarted the VPN, but still the traffic is getting routed through the VPN. Only when I deselect the VPN, either by pausing it or deselecting the ‘enable for network’ option does the traffic for the TV not get routed through the VPN. In short, it looks like the Split Tunnelling option via IP address isn’t working. What have I missed?


    Split tunneling is for destination domains/IP addresses. For example, if you set up a VPN client to tunnel all traffic through the VPN but want to exclude, then enter in the excluded domain list.

    In your case, you want to set up two VLANs, one with VPN, the other without VPN. Connect your TV to the one without VPN.

    For example, you can have LAN going through VPN (by checking the “enable for network” checkbox), but leave X1 out of the VPN (by leaving the “enable for network” checkbox unchecked). Connect the TV to the X1 VLAN either by wire or WiFi.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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