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Whitelisting google play music for android phones?

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    I would like to set up a calendar to restrict wifi to google play music for android phones. Is this possible using whitelist? I tried whitelisting,, and and not surprisingly, it is apparently more complicated. While the phone can access the google sites this is not enough to allow searching the catalog, for instance. Any ideas?

    Thanks for your responsiveness on the forum.



    Usually you don’t need to whitelist a site unless it’s blocked by OpenDNS or you are using whitelist mode. You may put the relevant sites on calendars to set available times. Since google play music is an App, you may want to try adding to the list of domains.

    Currently there’s no sure way to see which sites need to be added. We are adding reporting functionality in an upcoming update so that you can see which sites are being blocked.



    In case someone wants to do this or something similar I will say what I did.

    Using OpenDNS domain logs I played with the allowing different sites access and included the following sites in my whitelist:

    The is used for music videos. If it is omitted from the whitelist one can still stream audio but not the associated video.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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