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Wireguard Disconnect several

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    I have several Wireguard acc from providers. all of them are ok on android and Windows. but when I set it up on router ( Xiaomi 4C with PCWRT ) It’s ok till we leave home for a work or anything or Sleep.. after that when we connect to router wifi or with lan wireguard did not working… need to Reboot the router or disconnect and reconnect from APPS/ Wireguard …

    I tested that on three xiaomi 4c with several Internet providers…..

    What can We do?



    WireGuard on the router is a straight build of open source code. I think the disconnects overnight or after long idling depend on the server side and connectivity conditions. For now, just log in and restart the connection when that happens.

    That said, we’ll add a connection monitor in the next firmware update to mitigate this condition.



    Thank you for reply.
    is any file available for edit or how set a cronjob for restart wireguard connection every 6hrs?

    when next update will release?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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