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    Today, by pure chance, i wanted to download a song from youtube and i found a big problem.

    If you go on or any other search engine you can find any youtube video you want, including those not visible due to restrictions.

    Not only this, you can’t view them, but you can download them through those thousands of sites that allow you to download youtube videos, for example this:

    My steps are:, write for example “sex” on the search engine, click on “Video” at the top right and TA-DA! You’ll se every hidden video you want, you can have their specific web address and in this way you can download them.

    It’s impossible to block every site that allow you to download youtube video, so, how can i fix this problem?

    Can you help me? Why the restricted video can be downloaded? Why that “restricted” web address is blocked for the viewing only and not entirely?

    There’s a fix for this?

    In this way the youtube restricted mode is really useless.



    The YouTube video, if restricted, is still blocked even when it shows up in search results (when YouTube is in restricted mode). You should block search engines that don’t support safe search. On the pcWRT router, you should block all search engines except:


    When you download a YouTube video through a third party web site, the request goes to the third party web site, not YouTube. So you should block such sites. Of course it’s impossible to block all such web sites. But if search engines are blocked and you can’t get a direct link, it is harder to download “bad” videos from the download sites.


    If a YouTube video is restricted to be downloaded, maybe you could try to use a computer screen recorder to “record” it. You can adjust quality, chang bitrate, capture a specific window, etc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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