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@casino Yes, we managed to see the same error you saw, once. But our experiences on the XP with an outdated version of Chrome were not the same as yours. To be more specific:

  1. What we saw was the expected behavior in such circumstances. I.e., the error was caused by DNS cache on the PC and was corrected after flushing the DNS cache. Closing and restarting the browser would have had corrected the problem too. And that was our initial suggestion on how to correct the problem.
  2. We only saw the problem once, and were not able to repeat it for a second time, despite our repeated attempts.
  3. What we saw on the XP with Chrome was consistent with the expected behavior on other devices.
  4. In your case, the problem does not go away after you clear the DNS cache. It comes back repeatedly, and it only appears on your XP PC.

Even on our XP PC with the same version of Chrome as yours, the problem can be cleared by flushing the DNS cache (as expected). It’s natural to suspect that there’s something special about your PC. Does “ipconfig /displaydns” come back empty after you run “ipconfig /flushdns“, now that you’ve removed the hosts entries? Are you running any other DNS service on the PC?