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My technician, specialized in micro-hardware, has tested the router and he has found that the WAN port don’t work anymore. No longer transmits any signal.

But this router never worked well with me. It was defective from the beginning.

The wan port caused me many problems, now i understand why when I connected the pcwrt to my modem, it was almost impossibile to surf in internet:

Impossible to surf in internet with pcwrt!

and my internet connection without pcwrt is perfect.

I think that pcwrt is not totally compatible with the european standards, voltage etc…

The unique burnt port is the WAN port, the unique port attached to the D-Link, because the other LAN ports are perfect.

Please, test the pcwrt, maybe this product works well only in the USA.

I could even decide to buy again pcwrt, but not with this defect. This is a manufacturing or incompatibility problem. Maybe is not compatible with router specifically made for the europe, because pcwrt is specifically made for the USA.

Please, test it.

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