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Connecting from Windows 11 to pcWRT WireGuard VPN Server

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    Hello. I installed WireGuard to remotely access my home network. I configured the pcWRT Newifi WireGuard server following the pcWRT instructions. I downloaded and installed the WireGuard Windows Client. I exported the Peer config file from pcWRT and imported it into the client tunnel config.

    I was able to connect fine, but I noticed a lot of traffic. In just a couple of minutes there was close to a MB in each direction. Just in case, I removed the PersistentKeepalive = 25 line in the peer portion of the VPN config file to see if that lowered the traffic, but as expected, it did not. There was more was being received by the Windows client than being sent by it. For instance, for the first minute I saw 260KiB received by the Windows client and 160KiB sent.

    Any ideas why there would be so much traffic moving between the networks. Does this seem right?

    Note, since I’m only using the VPN to access my home network, I’m not using a VPN service (like NordVPN). So I did not enable “Block untunneled traffic (kill-switch)” in the Client, nor did I select the associated setting in the server “Bind VPN Interfaces”.

    I didn’t feel comfortable with all that background data being moved around, so I disabled the pcWRT WireGuard server. I received an error on the pcWRT interface “Internal Server Error” and the green box still said “WireGuard Server is enabled”. When I refreshed the page, it said disabled. I rebooted the pcWRT to be safe, and the pcWRT page said “WireGuard Server is disabled”, but to my surprise, I was still able to activate connections from my Windows client to the pcWRT router, though traffic is only being sent now. I also restarted the WireGuard server and deleted the accounts. Then disabled the server and rebooted. I am still able to activate connections from WireGuard client on Windows. That doesn’t seem right.

    How do I clean things up so that the WireGuard VPN server is completely dead?



    The WireGuard server no longer runs after you disabled it. You should not see any response from the server side (there’s no longer a server).

    The traffic you saw on your Windows machine was probably background traffic by the OS. E.g., software updates or Windows telemetry. You normally don’t see these, but with the WG VPN connection established they became more apparent.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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