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Determine Bandwidth Allowance Parameters

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    The Bandwidth Allowance entries of Access Control allow setting values for
    Download and Upload Minimum and Maximum limits, either in Mbps or Kbps. The
    Bandwidth Monitor app shows a pie chart of devices utilizing bandwidth for
    selectable time periods.

    How can I translate the pie chart into Download / Upload content or is that
    to be a future enhancement?

    Is it possible to have the values used in making the pie chart presented in
    numerical values that can be used for the Bandwidth Allowance Mbps or Kbps

    If not, what information is available to go about coming up with reasonable
    Bandwidth Allowance parameters for any device?



    @warrenholt Mousing over the bars will display the numerical values for consumed bandwidth. You can drill down to an individual device by clicking on the device on the left side. More info is available here:

    Bandwidth Allowance on the Access Control page lets you put a cap on the maximum speed for a profile. It’s not for total bandwidth consumption.



    Wow! I played with the Bandwidth Monitor more, now that I understand the text will drill down when I click it, and I must say – you guys really present lots of information! Sorry for the post – I will try to look around better next time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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