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pcWRT firmware v1.22.2 for Archer C7 Release Notes

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    1. Added capability to remote control the router from the Internet.
    2. Added function to rollback firmware to the previous version.
    3. Added ability to whitelist web sites by IP address and IP address blocks. For example, to white list all 255 IP address for Xbox, you can now enter
    4. Fixed a bug that blocks port forwarding under certain conditions.
    5. Fixed a bug that blocks Dynamic DNS registration for certain IP addresses.
    6. Various other minor improvements.

    Important Note: beginning with v1.22.2, passwords stored in configuration backup archives will be encrypted. As a result, if you upgrade to v1.22.2 but then rollback to v1.21.5, you have to reconfigure Dynamic DNS (if you are using it).



    Updated firmware this morning 8:30am EST. Registered account. While testing, I get timed out when accessing parent control app or even sometimes when clicking on status. Just getting blue rotating circle and “oops. failed to retrieve data” error.



    @mbrink44 Does the pcWRT router have a public IP address?



    No.. it is behind my asus router.. I just added the pcWRT router to my asus DMZ and now remote access works. Is that the best way to set it up or should I do some sort of port forwarding?

    Also, I have my pcWRT on the same subnet as my asus but computers on it can not see computers on my asus.. both have 192.168.1.x addresses.. my asus gets public address.. but the pcWRT is set static address as its internet address to asus.. also uses asus as gateway…. the internal pcWRT address is… I’m thinking the traffic between the kids computers on my pcWRT and my computers on the Asus is not talking and I need to put a table up somehow, but having challenges figuring it out.. any feedback is much appreciated..



    @mbrink44 Setting the pcWRT as DMZ host should be fine. Alternatively, you can use port forwarding as described here:

    If your Asus router WAN port is Gigabit, then your current connection method is recommended. But you need to pick a different subnet for the pcWRT LAN (the default 192.168.10.x should work fine). When you have different subnets, devices connected to the pcWRT network will be able to talk to devices connected to the Asus. But devices connected to the Asus won’t be able to initiate communication with those connected to the pcWRT unless you set up port forwarding on the pcWRT.

    If the Asus WAN port is 100Mbps, then you can reverse the connection order of the Asus and pcWRT, i.e, connect the Asus to a LAN port on the pcWRT. Then you can set up the Asus as an Access Point. Devices connected to either router will be on the same network and will be free to talk to each other.




    I got the port forwarding done correctly on the Asus and changed to 192.168.10.x for pcWrt as you suggested. Took it out of the DMZ and it is stil working.. but now trying to get them to see each others computers on the different subnets. My Asus internal is with WAN IP from cable. My pcWrt internet address is getting from Asus, but now has LAN address of How do I set up port forwarding on pcWRT if my asus does not have a port bind option?

    What do I enter in these fields on the pcWrt?
    Name Protocol External Port Internal Address Internal Port




    Let’s assume that you have two devices, A and B. A is connected to the pcWRT, therefore, will have IP address 192.168.10.x. B is connected to the Asus, and will have IP address 192.168.1.y.

    A is able to contact B by the IP address 192.168.1.y. For example, you can ping B from A with the IP address 192.168.1.y. Or, access file sharing with the same IP address.

    However, B cannot see A, since A is hidden behind pcWRT’s NAT. When A pings B, B thinks it’s pcWRT pinging. If you have a service running on A (for example, a web server), and you want it to be available to B. Then you need to set up port forwarding on the pcWRT.

    Suppose you have a web server running on A on port 80. Then you need to enter these parameters:

    1. Name: whatever you chose, e.g., Web Server
    2. External Port: any number less than 65535, e.g., 8080
    3. Internal Address: A’s IP address (192.168.10.x)
    4. Internal Port: port of the web server running on A, i.e., 80 in this example.

    After the above is done, you can access the web server running on A from B with (i.e., the WAN IP address of pcWRT and external port above).

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