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pcWRT firmware v1.27.1 Release Notes

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    Changes included in this update (v1.27):

    • Added WiFi client isolation option to guest wireless network.
    • Added more VLAN options (X1, X2, X3 in addition to LAN and Guest) for Ethernet ports.
    • Added Ad Blocker. You can now block ads for a profile by checking the “Enable Ad Block” box.
    • Added functionality to temporarily extend WiFi time without changing WiFi schedule, from the remote management interface.
    • Added system configuration restore option to restore only Access Control settings, from the remote management interface.

    Incremental update v1.27.1 included:

    • Fix to a bug that caused malfunction when Access Control is turned off at router level.
    • Fix to a JavaScript error when all NTP servers are removed from System Settings.

    Upgrade steps:

    1. Have your configuration backup ready. Create a backup of your current configuration file, if you don’t have one.
    2. Click the “Check for Updates” button in the System Settings page. Follow the instructions to upgrade.
    3. After successful upgrade, create a new router settings backup file from the System Settings page and save it in a safe place.

    Important Note for TORONTO-N: If you are upgrading from a version earlier than v1.26, your current configuration might be wiped out during this upgrade because of the WiFi driver upgrade. If you use the “Restore Backup” button in the System Settings page to restore from an earlier backup, please restore only Access Control settings. You need to manually enter other settings after restoring Access Control.

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    The support of this router is excellent! Thank you!



    Great support.

    Here is some feedback.
    I noticed that this firmware update affected remote reboot from outside. When you try to reboot it will disconnect the remote session and it will take very long time before it initiate the reboot and comes back to the remote capability again. It might take 30 minutes or so.
    I have tested the reboot from inside the LAN and it is fast, the only issue is when you are remoting via the internet.

    When I revert back to 1.26.1 the remote reboot is restored and immediate. So this is only 1.27 (1) issue.



    @email4him Thanks for your feedback. Will look into that.



    Waiting for the new firmware. Thanks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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