• Block ads with router

    You’ve probably heard of Pi-hole, an open source software package that runs on a Raspberry Pi and blocks ads on any device connected to your network. It’s efficient and cost effective, but requires you to have some technology know-how. This is a detailed write-up if you are interested in setting up Pi-hole by yourself:

    Install Pi-hole on Raspbian Lite From Scratch

    As of version v1.27, we’ve added Ad blocking to pcWRT. Behind scenes, we use the same technology Pi-hole uses. But the best thing is, you can easily enable Ad blocking with a single click on the Access Control page. And if you need access to a domain that is blocked by Ad blocking, just list it in the Allowed URLs box to bypass it.

    The domain names and number of requests blocked by Ad blocking are reported in the Internet Logs page.

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  1. Michi66 says:

    Are you getting any performance complaints? I’ve had to disable it on mine because ping times go to heck in a handbasket.

    • pcwrt says:

      Impact on performance should be negligible, especially ping. Blocking occurs at DNS lookup, so no impact on ping response time.

      Specifically, what are your observations?

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