• How to reset the pcWRT router

    Resetting the router restores the router to factory settings. For the pcWRT router, that means you’ll lose all your custom settings and need to do the Initial Setup again.

    Here’s how to do it:

    1. With the router powered up, press the RESET button at the back of the router and hold it for 10 seconds. The RESET button is usually right next to the power plug. It may be recessed so you’ll need a pin or use a pen tip to hold it down.
    2. Release the RESET button wait for a few seconds. The router will reboot itself.
    3. The router will be restored to factory state after it comes back again.

    Do not disconnect power during the process.

    However, if all you need is to recover the router password, there’s an easier process with the pcWRT router. Check this out: How to reset router password by email.

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